The Community Development is comprised of four distinct entities, Construction, Planning, Land Use/Zoning and Code Enforcement. This department enforces the Code of the Township of Galloway, the Land Management Ordinance, and State Codes, through the permitting process.  The Community Development office also processes all applications appearing before our Planning and Zoning Boards.


Galloway Townships Community Development Department administers and regulates development of the Township. The Townships Master Plan provides direction and guidance for the growth, preservation and land use decisions. A good comprehensive plan recognizes the needs of the municipality; the municipalities relationship to neighboring communities, the County, State and other regional agencies; and existing constraints and opportunities such as circulation patterns, environmental conditions and development patterns; and includes projections and anticipated development trends. The overriding purpose of the Master Plan should create safe and decent communities.



Permit Requirements


Understanding the permit process for any work done in Galloway Township is important.


Obtaining a permit is the sole responsibility of the homeowner, not the contractor.  When a contractor secures the permit, they are responsible for their work.  The construction office is responsible for the review of the permit application and review of the blue prints submitted to ensure that they comply with all applicable codes of the State of New Jersey.


Please, as a homeowner, insist that all contractors meet the Galloway Township/State of New Jersey requirements for working on your property. 

The following is a brief list of when a permit is required, we want to emphasize that at any time you are not sure a permit is required please do not hesitate to call the office (609) 652-3700 ext 241 or 249.


Generally anyone who:

Changes occupancy of a building or structure

A permit is generally required to:

Convert or replace any electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing system
Conversion of garages


Contractor Licensing Requirement

A Contractor License is required in Galloway Township if you are doing Commercial work.  All others are required when doing Residential work to have the Department of Consumer Affairs "13VH" number.  As always all new home Builders must be licensed by the Department of Community Affairs.   The initial fee for this license is $50.00, licenses are for a twelve month period from January to January.  


Resale Rental Requirements (Department of Housing)

The Housing Department is essential in maintaining inspections for the life and safety of those homes within the township. 

Galloway Township Fire Bureau now requires Smoke, Carbon Monoxide Detector and Fire Extinguisher Certification for any Re-Sale / Change of Ownership for all Residential dwellings.  Fee Schedule is as follows: 
* $45.00 - For inspection date more than 10 business days out
* $90.00 - For inspection date between 4-10 business days out
*161.00 - For inspection date between 1-4 business days out


An inspection is required for rental properties every time a new tenant moves in and/or every year. Rental properties must also be registered with the township. The fee for this is $50.00.


Applications for inspection and registration can be picked up, faxed or mailed by contacting this office at (609) 652-3700 ext 241 or 249.