Snow and Ice Control

The public works department works hard to make driving safer and easier on our 542 (+/-) roadways in snowy weather.

Depending on the duration and amount of snowfall, township trucks may plow your road multiple times.  As the snow rolls off the plows, it will accumulate in the driveway aprons.  Please understand that this is unavoidable and it is the homeowner's responsibility to clear the driveway apron.

Listed below is a step-by-step explanation of the snow removal process in the township.

- At the onset of a storm, all emergency routes are salted.  Once the snow has accumulated to 3 inches, the snow plowing operations begin on emergency routes first, then primary routes are completed, last secondary routes.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  ONLY emergency and primary routes are salted.  Secondary routes are NOT salted.
- Once snow plowing has begun, our goal is to plow streets curb to curb starting with all emergency routes, then primary roads, followed by the secondary roads.  To achieve this goal all vehicles must be off the roadways.  Please see below for a list of emergency and primary roads listed by section referring to the township map below.
- When a snow removal operation is underway, public works employees work around the clock to provide the best possible service to the residents of Galloway Township.
- Once the snow falls stops, it takes approximately twelve (12) additional hours for our twenty-seven (27) plow trucks to complete the snow removal operation.
- When clearing a driveway or sidewalk, do not put the snow back into the street.  We plow to keep the snow off the roadways and putting the snow back into the street creates a hazard.  Please place the snow on your curb or lawn area.
- Please remove all vehicles as well as any other obstructions from the roadways since this hampers the snow plowing effort.  Parking in the street prohibits the trucks from plowing roadways.
- Have all basketball courts moved out of the right-of-way.
- Do not stop drivers during operations for the safety of the public and driver.  If you need to report a complaint or request, please call the public works department at 609-652-3700 ext. 244.
- When clearing your driveway and/or sidewalk please do not put the snow in the roadway.
Please be aware that not all roads are plowed or salted by Galloway Township Public Works Department.  All County roads are maintained by Atlantic County Public Works Department and state roads are maintained by the New Jersey Department of Transportation.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding a county road, please call the Atlantic County Public Works Department at 609-645-5830.
The following are county roads:
  • Aloe Street
  • Bremen Avenue (Atlantic Avenue to Indian Cabin Road)
  • Clarks Landing Road
  • Cologne Avenue (Hamilton Township border to Moss Mill Road)
  • Cologne-Port Republic Road
  • Duerer Street
  • English Creek Road
  • Jimmie Leeds Road
  • Leeds Point Road
  • Leipzig Avenue (Aloe Street to Hamilton Township border)
  • Moss Mill Road
  • Motts Creek Road
  • Old New York Road
  • Oyster Creek Road
  • Pitney Road
  • Pomona Road
  • Race Track Road
  • Sixth Avenue
  • Smithville Boulevard
  • Tilton Road
If you have any questions or concerns regarding a state road, please call the New Jersey Department of Transportation at 609-588-6213.
The following are state roads:
  • New York Road (Route 9)
  • Philadelphia AVenue (Route 50)
  • White Horse Pike (Route 30)

Snow Section Map

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