Stormwater Documents

2018 Tier A MS4 Permit
  • The Tier A Municipal Stormwater General Permit authorizes the discharge of stormwater from small municipal separate storm sewers.  The permit was issued in response to USEPA's phase II rules.
  • Tier A municipalities are generally located within the more densely populated regions of the state or along or near the coast.  The Tier A permit addresses stormwater quality issues related to both new and existing development.
  • Check out the Tier A Permit here
Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
  •  The SPPP was adopted on May 29, 2009.  Galloway Township ensures that all new residential development and redevelopment projects that are subject to residential site improvement standards for stormwater management (including the N.J.D.E.P. Stormwater Management rules, N.J.A.C. 7:8, reference in those standards) are in compliance with those standards.  Our planning and zoning boards ensure such compliance before issuing before issuing preliminary or final site plan approvals under the Municipal Land Use Law.
  • Check out the SPPP here
Municipal Stormwater Management Plan
Outfall Pipe Map

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