Tax Collection

The Tax Collector's office is responsible for billing and collection of property taxes that support the four local governmental units: Atlantic County, Galloway Township Public School District, Greater Egg Harbor Regional School District and the Municipality of Galloway Township. Tax bills are typically issued in June and are payable quarterly on the first of August, November, February and May. Interest is added to tax bills after the 10th day of the month due. The Tax Collector enforces tax delinquencies through the tax sale process. Tax sales are accelerated in Galloway Township and are held usually in mid December for any existing current-year municipal delinquencies.  Galloway currently conducts its annual tax sale electronically.  More information is available at

The Tax Collector’s Office is also responsible for the billing and collection of rents for the municipal sewer utility.  Sewer bills are mailed every January and are due March 20th and September 20th.  There is also a 10 day grace period for sewer rents.  Therefore payments received after the 10 day grace period will be charged interest.

The Tax Collector’s Office is also responsible for the billing and collection of any Local Assessments.   Local assessments are billings for projects to only those taxpayers that benefit from the improvement.  For example when water mains are run down specific streets, the costs of the water mains are billed to those individuals that benefit from the improvement. 

The Tax Collector's Office also administers all property tax deductions, working in conjunction with the Tax Assessor's Office. Also available to the public is information pertaining to the various New Jersey State Tax reimbursement programs. 


Tax Collection

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Tax Collector
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